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505 off!!! Diamond Illuminate Prototype in Pickled White Bamboo | 55% OFF

4,150.00 8,300.00

Super fun wall or ceiling mounted diamond shaped- hand-made light. Be for first to get this prototype piece. It will make the room!

To purchase please call 917-721-2421, or email: mail@andreaclairestudio.com

shipping is not included in the price 

available for pick-up in Brooklyn, hand delivery in NYC, shipping USA & International 

payments: credit card (3.5% additional), Paypal, Venmo, cash, checks

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160927 both.jpg
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Additional Info

 This large wall mounted lighting piece defies expectations. It appears to be a solid sculptural object when off, and transforms into an elegant floating light body when illuminated from within. In the central open area you can choose a diamond shaped mirror or allow the light to wash a warm glow against the wall or ceiling. This sculptural piece will transform a room! 

This is the sample piece on sale.

It has the option of an added central diamond shaped mirror.

size: 58" H 34" W | central mirror is an option